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Being one of the biggest players in their field, Aosom already experienced good traffic on their website but had a very low download rate for their mobile app. As their target audience and e-commerce market started moving forward to a mobile-first experience, It was time for Aosom to get their audience on the mobile app and sell their products with the ease and portability of the mobile screens.

Although the app provided an immersive user experience, the customer seemed to have dodged it. The goal here was to bring the existing customers and attract new prospects to the app.

Growth Strategy

After intense research and development with Aosom’s internal team, I came up with an idea for a Remarketing Ad Campaign in which we targeted their current audience on different platforms.

  • An irresistible offer of a 12% discount was awarded to the new buyers on the 1st order from the app.
  • Campaign KPI was ROI. The key action for evaluation was in-app purchase.
  • Target Markets: United States, United Kingdom, France.
  • Customers who have viewed the website and similar target audiences.
  • Goals – Decreasing the Customer Acquisition Cost, Building an audience, and Promoting conversion.

Creative Solution

While researching the audience and after a lot of trial-and-error, I finally came across the actual hindrance – Apart from their infinite variety and immersive user experience, Aosom needed emotions like Comfort, Ease, Elegance, Class and Style to be associated with its brand so that they can entice the emotion of their audience. So, I designed the ads for the campaign accordingly. I came up with this strategy of weaving the story of a customer being happy with the app rather than just showcasing its features. This would very silently establish that the app is easy and comfortable to use, Killing! the Download Now button..!

Based on the diversity of the target audience, I designed the videos in 2 languages and different ad formats to bridge the gap and maintain proximity. Multiple scripts were drafted to understand the audience’s mindset and all of the best practices of advertising were followed. The variations included a Live-action video, An animated video and another one based on the UGC content.


The upshot of the campaign was phenomenal.

The numbers and graphs are hidden deep beneath the NDAs and privacy policies but the happiness and satisfaction of the client are what gets me going!