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I created the video ads to generate mobile app downloads for the client as the world is shifting to a mobile-first approach. They were already having a great traffic number on their website but failed to capture the eyeballs of their audience in their mobile app, So we designed a campaign focused on getting their app downloaded. We ran an omnipresent campaign on multiple platforms targeting the current website audience to download the app.

Immersive App UI

The Hibobi mobile app provides a seamless and immersive shopping experience to the customers and this ad focuses on the stunning In-App UI to present the idea of ease the customers will feel while ordering from the app.

Wide variety of collections

As the huge variety of children’s clothing is one of the biggest USPs of Hibobi, This ad version revolves around the same to make the target audience aware of the collections available and entice them to download the app.

Bumper Ad

This bumper ad concept revolves around the 10% discount offer on downloading the Hibobi app. This version is the first ad to target the current website visitors to make them aware of the offer.