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Dedicated to the advancing beauty of color & navigating in the world of idealism.

“We could not be more excited about the brand launch and the results produced are phenomenal. Kudos to the team for all your help getting us this far!”

Dr. Adebola Dele-Michael, MD FAAD
Director and Founder
Ideal Glow LLC

The Ask

Dr. Adebola Dele-Michael, MD FAAD, a Board-Certified dermatologist was frustrated as there wasn’t even a single skincare product in the market that she can recommend to her patients with full confidence.

Her in-depth knowledge of skincare regimens didn’t allow her to damage the patients’ skin by recommending faulty products.

The skincare market is overloaded of brands with marketing gimmicks and no one is actually working on the real problems of people of color.

Figuring things out.

After understanding the core problem, We made our consensus on building a brand that is true to its philosophy of:

Focus on the skin of people of colour

One flat price no add-ons

Real results, not quick fixes

No marketing gimmick

No splitting products

Things coming together

I crafted a logo that was rooted in historical beauty …. but with an intentional twist and modern touch that alludes to what’s to come.

The star inspired by the pole star denotes stability & is the brightest star that shines differently from the crowd.

The serif typeface with connecting lines is to represent the idea of kinship which is one of the brand values.

Visual Identity

The soft colour spectrum is rooted in biology and inspired by the refraction and iridescence found in nature.
Underlying the brand’s inspiration are

  • The wing of a butterfly
  • The sheen of a shell
  • Ice crystals under a microscope.

The contrast of subtle and bold typography is inspired by the brand values being aspirational yet accessible.

Design Language

The overall design language is an exercise in contrast and balance: bold yet subtle, aspirational yet accessible, monochromatic yet colourful, elevated yet sustainable, clinical yet natural.

After locking into an overall brand direction, we set out to design a frictionless mobile-first eCommerce experience that merged with the brand vibe and convert the visitors into loyal customers.


The Product Page is the most crucial element of an E-Commerce store. It was designed with utmost precision to generate the maximum results and maintain the brand identity.


The hover states of products were designed to provide a seamless experience and boost product visibility across the website.

Let the numbers speak


Overall Website Traffic


Increase in mobile sessions


Social Conversions


Reduction in bounce rate